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What Standard Printer Ink Is Made Of? |

What Is Printer Ink Made Of?Ink is one of those things that most people don't really think too much about—until they run out of it and can't get their work done. When you think about it, ink has been crucial to our civilization for centuries, and we really couldn't survive today without it. Let's take [...]

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Remanufactured vs. Compatible Cartridges: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve shopped for ink and toner before, you’ve no doubt heard the terms “remanufactured” and “compatible.” You might not have realized it, but all of our ink and toner cartridges here at are either remanufactured replacement cartridges or compatible replacement cartridges. There’s a bit of misconception about what that actually means, though. Contrary [...]

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Thinking of Getting a New Printer? Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy

Whether you’re currently shopping for a new printer or you’ve just gotten fed up with your old workhorse monochrome device, there are a lot of factors to consider before making a purchase. In addition to cost, you’ll want to factor in other considerations like your intended use for the device. It’s possible you can even [...]

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Best Ways to Print Your Instagram Photos |

Best Ways To Print Instagram Photos and MoreSometimes looking at photos on a screen doesn't live up to carrying a freshly printed photo in your wallet or displaying your family portraits at home or in the office. There are a ton of ways you may want to use photos you took on your mobile device [...]

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Thermochromic Ink | Color Changing Ink |

All About Thermochromic InkThermochromic inks are compounds that are sensitive to temperature and, as a result, change colors. First developed in the 1970s for different household uses, thermochromic materials are named for the Greek words for heat and color: “thermos” and “chroma”. The original thermochromic inks and dyes only changed color after prolonged exposure to [...]

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Debunking OEM Ink/Toner Myths

If you own a printer, you’ve probably heard or read some pretty scary justifications for exclusively buying original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges. However, many of those statements are misleading, and some of the confusion comes from online forums rather than from anything actually published by the OEM brands themselves. In this week’s blog, we’ll pick [...]

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Best Way to Print Photos at Home | Photo Trends of 2017

Best Ways to Print Photos at HomeWith the advent of smartphone technology, the future of photo printing has been questioned. Some people believe that the market for print photography will never rival what it was years before the digital revolution, but it is actually premature to state that the industry is shrinking. In fact, people [...]

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Wireless Printer Not Connecting? | Tips from

Troubleshooting Tips for Wireless Printers Wireless Printer Not Connecting? Wireless printers make a great addition to your personal computer or devices and can provide an invaluable service around the office. Unfortunately, like all electronics, they do come with specific instructions that must be followed specifically, or you may run into some technical difficulty. Even after adhering to [...]

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Planning a Child’s Birthday Party on a Budget

Party planning can be a stressful activity. On top of the responsibilities of coming up with activities and gifts, there’s also the cost associated with hosting a get-together. You’ll need invitations, activities, decorations, and party favors, to say nothing of the food and beverages your guests will be expecting. While we can’t help you with [...]

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ISO Standards in the Printing Industry |

A Guide to Understanding ISO Standards in the Print IndustryISO standards are set by the International Organization for Standardization, also known as ISO. This organization has created over 17,500 ISO standards for the printing industry, with their latest development concerning print speed, or ISO PPM (pages per minute). If you’re interested in printer ISO, read [...]

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