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Replacement Ink and Toner for Canon Printers

Canon printers are known for their ability to produce stunning photo prints, but they’ve also perfected the standard multifunction printer (MFP) for home and office use as well. Whether you’re buying Canon ink for a photo printer like the Canon PIXMA or an all-in-one MFP device like the Canon ImageClass, can help. We offer high-quality, discount Canon printer ink and toner cartridges that are designed to meet your needs while working within your budget. You'll get the same print quality, page yield, and shelf life that original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges offer, but our compatible and remanufactured replacement cartridges lower your printing costs by up to 85% off the OEM retail price!’s compatible cartridges are made using all new materials in a clean, secure environment. Our remanufactured cartridges are reengineered domestically by skilled American workers. The trained technicians at perform the same post-manufacturing print tests that OEM products go through, guaranteeing that our cartridges meet all of the accepted industry standards of quality and performance. These replacement cartridges produce the same flawless photo prints and clean, legible typeface that you’d get from OEM Canon printer ink. Our discount Canon printer ink and toner cartridges give you complete creative control over your work without stretching your budget.

Many of our compatible and remanufactured Canon ink cartridges come in combo packs and high-yield formats that give you more printed pages for your dollar. Products like our compatible Canon PGi-250XL ink cartridge or our compatible Canon Cli-251XL ink cartridge offer superior performance at an unbeatable price. Order online or call our friendly in-house customer service team toll-free to see how you can get better print work for less!

Where Can I Buy Cheap Canon Ink Cartridges?

You can buy cheap Canon ink cartridges and toner at and be confident with your purchase. Our inkjets for Canon printers boast the lowest prices on high-quality replacements and will help you lower your printing costs significantly. You can't get cheap Canon ink cartridges from big box stores; most chain retailers will charge you prices that are significantly higher and you wind up paying top dollar on OEM products with the same page yield and shelf life as our compatible Canon ink cartridges. There is simply no need to buy those.  When you purchase remanufactured Canon ink cartridges for a cheap price from, you can feel confident about your purchase because most customers save over 60 percent and, thanks to our full one-year warranty, you know you are getting high-quality Canon printer ink cartridges you can trust! In fact, if you don't agree, we will refund your purchase price!

If you are looking for cheaply made ink cartridges, you won’t find them here! All of our discount Canon inkjet cartridges are defined as “cheap” only by price. Beware of Canon ink cartridges that are poorly made and sold by non-reputable companies! Our ink shells are of the highest quality designed to work specifically with your printer, and all internal components such as the sponge and chip are replaced with brand new ones to offer a seamless beautiful print each time. is the best option for buying replacement Canon ink cartridges at cheap prices, and when you purchase a combo pack, you save even more money. For example, our 10 Pack of Canon PGi-250XL and Canon Cli-251XL contain 4 blacks and two of each color—all high yield remanufactured cartridges that save buyers almost 70 percent off the OEM price. Combo packs like this one provide customers with the best deals on Canon printer ink replacements because they slash the cost even lower. Also, because these inkjets have a two-year shelf-life, you will never run out of ink midway through a print job. For these reasons, is the best place to buy cheap ink for Canon printers like various Pixma models suitable for college dorms or for your your home office. If you are looking for discount Canon toner prices for that ImageClass printer in your office, our remanufactured toner for Canon printers is priced low and performs on par with the big name brand! 

Cheap Canon Toner Cartridges

As is the same case with our inkjets, the only thing “cheap” about our Canon toner cartridge replacements is the price. Canon is known on an international scale for making toner cartridges that are of exceptional high quality, and our engineers spent years getting our replacements just right. Canon started using organic solvent-based paints and cleaning agents for external components in their printers to reduce VOCs into our atmosphere. This meant the toner also had to be designed to work in harmony with this technology, while still producing striking, bright images and text that beams right off the page. We run all of our remanufactured Canon printer toner cartridges through multiple inspections and print tests to ensure the laser toner is perfectly balanced and built to the highest standards. Customers benefit from their phenomenal performance, and our cheap Canon toner prices make buying from a true no-brainer!

A perfect example of our cheap prices for Canon toner can be seen in one of our most popular items: the replacement 2 Pack of Canon 119 (3480B001AA) toner cartridges by saves customers almost a whopping 80 percent off the OEM price found at the big office supply stores! You even save about the same amount when you buy a single toner for Canon ImageClass printers! Our customers recover roughly $235 from EACH cartridge making the ultimate destination for cheap Canon toner prices on the highest quality remanufactured cartridges for Canon printers! Call our customer support team, and let us help you determine the option that will save you the most money!

Production of Replacement High-Quality Canon Toner Cartridges

Canon toner cartridges are known world-wide for producing vibrant color documents and deep, black text. We like to give customers an alternative to OEM Canon toner by providing high quality remanufactured cartridges that offer the professional quality you need for work or home use. uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our toner for Canon printers is flawless and offers the finest quality. Coupled with computer-controlled, automated functions and hands-on inspections, we uphold all the fine points that compose our stringent remanufacturing process.

Before the remanufacturing process, a cartridge must first pass a Quality Assurance Audit in which it is broken down for close inspection and old parts are replaced with brand new ones. If the cartridge has so much as a scratch or a blemish, it is rejected and sent to our Canon recycling bin. Our Canon laser toner replacements then go through a detailed cleaning process in which high-pressured air using a patent process removes all toner remnants. This ensures that when new toner powder is added, it will not mix with residual old toner and cause poor print quality.

Then the Canon printer toner replacements are inspected by a quality control specialist as they are reassembled. During this process, all moving parts are lubricated and various tests are performed to see if adjustments are necessary and to deliver the OEM quality customers expect in a Canon copiers toner replacement.

Finally, all Canon toner cartridges are fully re-charged and are print-tested to ensure professional quality, a two-year shelf life, and the same page yield as the OEM. There is no need to look online for a Canon printer toner sale because our prices beat any big box store sale. For example, our individual Canon 119 toner cartridge is a high-quality remanufactured laser toner that saves you 80% off the OEM price, and it has a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied by the quality or performance!

Canon Ink Cartridges for Pixma

When shopping for Canon ink cartridges for Pixma printers, there are three things to consider in order to determine if you are getting the best deal: the cost, the quality, and the warranty. Canon Pixma printers come in a variety of models, prices, and capabilities. In fact, the next time you purchase Canon printer ink you may be spending the same amount of money on the cost of one of these printers.

Canon’s bread and butter is their ink cartridges. In order to increase sales, they will engineer inexpensive printers to attract buyers who will continue to pay top dollar for ink. For example, the Canon Pixma MG5720 retails for around $75, and a combo pack of the individual Canon PGI 270 and CLI 271 ink cartridges required for use with the printer retail around $60. ‘PC Magazine’ published an article that gives a review on the Canon Pixma MG5720 and concludes that its only ideal user would be someone whose “scan and copy needs are light-duty”. This is due to the fact that it has no USB or memory slot, its speed is average, it can only handle 100 pages at a single time, and its printing and scanning capabilities are limited. For someone who might scan the occasional game schedule for his favorite sports team, or print random to-do lists, this printer should serve its purpose. However, if you want to get the most out of your Canon ink cartridges, you will want a printer that is known for producing spectacular photographs and that is suitable for both frequent home use and office functions, like the Pixma MG7720.

When you get our replacement Canon ink cartridges for use with your Pixma printer, be prepared to have your mind blown at the professional level of quality displayed in your photos. The red hues in the image of your kids picking strawberries will be so vivid and life-like you will swear you smell that field. But did you know the quality can get even better? In fact, for a printer that truly offers professional features to complement our Canon ink cartridge replacements, consider upgrading to the Pixma MG7720 Photo All-in-One. ‘About Tech’ reviewed this Canon printer that retails for $199 and announced that any attempt to upgrade in quality and performance from THIS device would require purchasing the $1000 MSRP Pixma Pro-1 Professional Printer.

No matter what kind of Pixma printer you have, our replacement Canon ink cartridges will give you the finish of real professional printed works, and allow you to save as much as 85 percent off OEM retail with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Canon Toner Refills

If you rely on Canon toner cartridges for your printing needs, you are well aware of how expensive the cost adds up over time. When looking to save money on Canon toner, many people will opt for Canon toner refill kits as a cost-saving solution. Toner refilling is a practice when empty cartridges are refilled with toner powder enabling them to be reused. People are attracted to refilling their Canon toner cartridges because it both saves them money and helps keep toner shells out of landfills. However, there is an even better way of saving money on Canon toner: buying remanufactured cartridges.

When you refill your Canon toner cartridges the internal components remain worn and residual toner from its last cycle is left inside. Eventually, your prints will start to show the carnage taking place within the cartridge, that is if you are lucky enough to avoid it spilling into your printer. Inside each Canon toner cartridge is a bin that collects and stores excess toner. These almost always fill up at the end of each life span. When you refill your cartridge the new remnant toner will have nowhere to go thus causing internal spillage that can leak onto your pages, or worse yet into your printer.

Your Canon toner cartridge will also have wear and tear to the blade and drum—accouterments that are always replaced with brand new ones by trustworthy remanufacturers like Our Canon toner has been remanufactured to offer OEM performance. Each one of our cartridges goes through a rigorous industrial cleaning process removing all unused toner, and then it is power washed before it gets brand new internal parts, fresh toner powder, and a full one-year warranty. The best part is that, not only do our remanufactured toner cartridges for Canon printers keep waste out of landfills, most of our laser toners cost the same as a refill kit, or only a few dollars more. This means you get better quality print results with new replacement Canon toner parts, and you enjoy cheap prices on Canon toner that can save you as much as 85 percent off the big name brand. When it comes to remanufactured toner cartridges versus refill kits, there is no contest.