Ink Cartridges For Canon BN Printers

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The Canon BN series offered new printing possibilities for small businesses and personal printer use. Also known as the Canon NoteJet BN series, the series is commonly referred to as Canon’s BN series because each unit was labeled “BN” plus the model number. Whether you know it as the Canon NoteJet or simply the Canon BN, this series essentially created a laptop with a built-in printer. It was ideal for business people on the go, allowing for mobile printing during any board meeting, business trip, or any other occasion that takes you away from the comforts of your desk. Canon BN models utilized bubble jet technology, which vaporizes ink inside the print head nozzle and allows the vapor to be sprayed across the page in tiny dots.

Your Canon BN series will need Canon BCI-10 and/or BCI-11 ink cartridges, depending on the particular model you own. offers cheap printer ink for Canon BN printers. Our compatible ink cartridges are designed to work beautifully with your Canon NoteJet BN series, no matter what model you own. Each ink cartridge is put through industry standard inspections and print tests by our skilled technicians. We ensure that every single cartridge that leaves our facility has met the highest standards of quality. When you use compatible ink cartridges from, you’ll get original equipment manufacturer (OEM) performance at up to 30 percent off the retail price of OEM Canon ink.