Ink Cartridges For Canon BJ Printers

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Canon’s BJ series of printers uses bubble jet technology to produce high-quality print work in one compact desktop unit. The Canon BJ series is ideal for low-volume personal printing at home. The features on this printer may be considered comparatively limited by today’s standards, but in its time the variable print settings and low-volume print process of this series were cutting edge developments in home printing technology. No matter what model you own from this series, you can rely on its compact, relatively lightweight desktop design for easy access at any workstation.

The BJ’s bubble jet printing technology is very similar to the contemporary inkjet printing process, but it essentially vaporized small portions of ink in the print head nozzle so that the ink could dry more evenly on the page. Many Canon BJ printers require Canon BC-02 ink cartridges, though some models in this series may need other types of ink, including Canon BCI-10 and BCI-11 ink cartridges. offers low-cost, high-quality compatible and remanufactured replacement ink cartridges that are meticulously engineered to match the consistent performance and quality you’ve come to expect from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Canon ink cartridges. Every cartridge is put through industry standard inspections and print tests, so they’re guaranteed to perform flawlessly with your compatible Canon BJ printer model.