Canon ImageClass Toner Cartridges

About Canon ImageClass Toner Cartridges

Canon’s imageCLASS printers provide superior all-in-one print options. This series brings print, copy, scan, and even fax capabilities to any home or small to medium-size office. The text and photo printing capabilities are superb, though the printer features will vary across the series, depending on which model you own. Some models in this series are capable of wireless printing from your mobile device or from your online storage cloud. Certain models also include added security features that are useful if you need to print confidential information in your office. While performance will also vary across the series, recent models have had print speeds as high as 23 pages per minute (ppm).

The Canon imageCLASS series uses laser printing technology, so you’ll need to use toner cartridges in your imageCLASS printer. The specific toner cartridge you use for your printer will depend on what model you own from this series. No matter what type of toner your printer needs, has a budget-friendly option. Our remanufactured Toner Cartridges For Canon printers are designed to match the performance and image quality of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Canon toner cartridges, but helps you save big by avoiding OEM retail prices. Many of our cartridges for the Canon imageCLASS series are priced at over 70 percent below the OEM price, but they offer comparable degrees of print quality and product performance. We guarantee that our remanufactured replacement toner cartridges are free from any defects and will perform beyond your expectations in your compatible Canon printer model.

The Canon imageCLASS series is a line of multifunction laser printers that focus primarily on quality output and generous paper capacity. ImageCLASS printers can fill a wide variety of needs, but they can primarily be broken up into smaller categories such as:

  • imageCLASS Fax
  • imageCLASS Color
  • Monochrome imageCLASS Fax

These Canon laser printers span a wide array of needs, from home-offices to enterprise printing. Over the past few years, Canon has revisited their imageCLASS series and revamped the newer models with cutting-edge features that rival other premium laser printers on the market today.

Newer imageCLASS models such as the MF733CDW include features that focus exclusively on accessibility and ease of printing within an office setting. This specific printer utilizes NFC, or Near Field Communication, which allows you to tap your phone to the device and instantly print without having to connect through Bluetooth, WiFi, or any other means of communication tethering.

The imageCLASS series also has the real benefit of being a laser printer, which means the toner cartridges it uses will produce more pages than the standard ink cartridge used in inkjet printers. Canon laser printers also have the added benefit of consistent and sharp quality printing, whether it be for detailed color portraits or black text.

Which Canon Cartridges Do imageCLASS Printers Use?

imageCLASS printers have been around for quite some time now, which means Canon has been continuously improving on its toner formula over the past couple of decades. A result of such, being many different toner cartridges that are exclusive to specific imageCLASS models. 

While older imageCLASS models utilize a spread of different cartridges for what seems like no reason, the newer Canon laser printers have conformed to using only a handful of toner cartridges throughout their imageCLASS series.

As of today, one of the most popular imageCLASS toner cartridges on the market would be the Canon 054 toner. These toner cartridges are used with the color imageCLASS series of printers, as it comes in four different varieties: Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. The black Canon 054 toner has a decent page yield and can produce around 1,500 pages before needing to be replaced.

Canon 054 also comes in a high-yield version called the Canon 054H. The Canon 054H toner and 054 cartridges are both interchangeable and will work with the same imageCLASS printers. The only difference between the two is the amount of toner that is stored within the 054H's larger toner reservoir. As a result, Canon 054H can print approximately 3,100 pages.

As for monochrome imageCLASS printers, some of the more popular and newer models utilize Canon 137 toner. These highly-reliable black cartridges can print up to 2,400 pages within their life cycle. Canon 137 toner is manufactured in standard capacity and does not have a high-yield version available. However, some of these standard Canon toner cartridges are sold in bundles of two. This usually will give you a small discount when purchased as a set.

Toner Pricing for Canon imageCLASS Printers

Canon toner cartridges are typically priced higher than Canon ink cartridges. This is a common practice for printer manufacturers because toner cartridges will yield you more pages than an ink cartridge would. Whether justifiable or not, you can view this as an initial investment towards your printing habits. The imageCLASS series are no different as they have a diverse price range when it comes to toner cartridges.

Let's start with the aforementioned Canon 054 toner pricing. These are used for a handful of Canon color laser printers in the imageCLASS line. As a color laser printer, it will need four different toner cartridges instead of just one. The standard Canon 054 cartridges are usually cheaper than the high-yield versions because they will produce fewer pages. However, the high-yield Canon 054H toner cartridges are the better investment, as they will save you more money in the long run.

The only time you can see this trend broken is with's compatible 054H high-yield toner cartridges. Our compatible Canon 054H toner cost less than the standard yield original toner cartridges but will print more than double the amount of pages. The chart below demonstrates significant savings we are able to offer our customers.

Canon 054 Toner Price continues to provide the community with an affordable option for their high-quality toner needs. You can see similar savings with our popular Canon 137 toner as well. 

A single cartridge of Canon 137 can cost around $79.99 over at retail stores. Even the Canon 137 toner Walmart sells is notoriously expensive as well, so don't expect any steep sales at big-box marts. 

Let's compare the $79.99 original price to the exclusive $22.99 price tag that you find here at Our compatible Canon 137 toner costs over 70% less than the original and produces equivalent results to genuine Canon printer cartridges.

How to Change or Replace imageCLASS Printer Toner

Most Canon imageCLASS printers follow similar instructions

  1. Lift the operation panel on your Canon printer.
  1. Open the toner cover by the grip point at the front of the toner cover.
  1. Pull the toner cartridge out of the printer.
  1. Remove the new toner cartridge from its respective packaging. 
  1. Gently rock the new toner cartridge side to side to evenly distribute the toner within. After five to six gentle shakes, place the toner on a flat surface.
  1. Remove the sealing tape from the new toner cartridge. Make sure to pull the tape straight out and not to remove the tape at an angle.
  1. Install the toner cartridge inside your Canon imageCLASS printer, make sure that it has securely snapped in place. 
  1. Close the toner cover and the operation panel.

What is the Best Canon imageCLASS Printer?

When the entire lineup of Canon imageCLASS printers is rock-solid in the quality department, it's not easy to choose one printer over another. However, when searching for a printer to alleviate some of your specific printing needs, we have a handful of recommendations within the imageCLASS line.

For a reliable, all-around laser printer, we have to recommend the Canon MF644cdw Wireless Color All-in-One Laser Printer. Whether it be your home or small office, this is a more than a suitable device to fill everyone's needs. While not the fastest printer on this list, the MF644cdw can print around 22 pages per minute in both color and monochrome.

This would be the perfect printer for any business that prints a considerable amount, as the MF644cdw features an automatic document feeder while also implementing a single-pass duplexer. If used primarily in a low-volume setting, this Canon color laser printer will last you a very long time. 

For a budget option, the Canon imageCLASS MF232w Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer is always a solid choice. It falls directly into that inexpensive price range and utilizes Canon 137 toner. If you're looking to keep your consumable costs down, make sure to purchase your compatible Canon 137 toner from for a 70% discount when compared to the original.

The Canon imageCLASS MF232w does cut corners in some departments. The auto-duplexer is absent, and it does not have the color LCD panel that you would find on the MF644cdw. However, if those features are not a dealbreaker for you, you'll find yourself a very reputable laser printer that actually prints slightly faster than it's newer Canon MF644cdw counterpart.

Finally, our choice for a premium printer on this list would be the Canon MF743dw All-In-One Color Laser Printer. As one of the newer Canon color laser printers, it comes with premium features such as NDF printing accessibility. Simply tap your smartphone against the LCD panel of the MF743dw, and it will instantly print the desired document or photo. This feature speeds up the printing process significantly and eliminates the need for any USB thumb drives.

Where to Buy Cheap Toner for Canon imageCLASS Printers

Canon toner cartridges can be rather pricey, depending on where you purchase them. Even the Canon 137 toner Walmart sells may not be the deep discount that you're probably expecting. Toner cartridges are notoriously expensive from both original websites and brick and mortar stores.

However, offers great discounts on all Canon printer cartridges without compromising on quality. We carry a wide variety of compatible toner cartridges to fit any Canon laser printer. Whether you're looking for Canon 137 toner or even a cartridge that's no longer sold in stores, we have an expansive selection of toner new and old. Visit our homepage for exclusive discounts and coupon codes for all of your compatible Canon printer cartridges.