Common Misconceptions About the Printing Industry

Apr 17, 2020

Printer ink cartridges

There is nothing quite like holding a document in your hands. In fact, many would agree that the document feels more important than if it were digital. However, some common misconceptions about the printing industry remain. Keep reading to see these misconceptions debunked.

Misconception: Printing harms the environment

People often believe that using paper and printing documents is destroying the environment. However, people are not taking into account paper recycling. In fact, studies have shown that you can recycle paper up to seven times.

Additionally, someone may argue that the paper is not the problem; it's the ink. While printer ink can be harmful if not used appropriately, there are alternatives. For instance, some manufacturers have found ways to use vegetable-based inks.

Misconception: No one wants paper anymore

It is easy to assume that everyone wants their documents in digital form these days; however, that's not always true. Many individuals actually prefer a physical copy, especially if the document is something important, such as a contract or financial statements.

That said, there are some cases where people print unnecessary documents, and people merely throw them away when they are finished. So to avoid excessive waste, print sparingly and only what you actually need.

Misconception: Printing is too expensive

The last and possibly biggest misconception is that printing is absurdly expensive. Again, this simply is not true. Certain printing materials can get expensive, such as brand-name printer ink, but luckily there are affordable alternatives.

As opposed to spending your money on OEM ink cartridges, you should begin using remanufactured ink cartridges. They offer the same high-quality print as brand-name cartridges while being affordable and eco-friendly.

Whether you are debating if a printer is right for you or not, you probably thought about these common misconceptions about the printing industry before answering that question. Luckily you learned that all these misconceptions are exactly that––misunderstandings.

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