Top Reasons Your Business Still Needs Office Printers

Mar 13, 2020

Office printer

Many businesses do their best to reduce costs, and one way to do that is by reducing or eliminating printing. However, going entirely paperless in the office is not realistic. For instance, maybe your customer prefers a paper copy of their invoice, or perhaps that customer isn’t computer savvy. So before you get rid of all your paper and printers, look at these top reasons your business still needs office printers.

Paper Copies Counter Technology Problems

Even with our seemingly perfect devices, when something goes wrong, such as a data breach or network crash, finding a solution can get messy. Not to mention, finding a solution can take time—time you don’t have to waste.

Having paper copies of important documents like invoices, accounts payable and receivable, contracts, and so on, could save you a lot of time and frustration down the line. For example, if hackers get a hold of your computer’s information, you could lose all the digital copies of your documents. However, if you made paper copies of all those important documents, you will still have proof of the open invoice.

Your Customers Might Prefer Paper Over Digital

There are many people who would still request paper copies as opposed to an emailed pdf. Not to mention, if your customers are not tech-savvy, they may not get your emailed invoice, which means you might not get paid.

You should ask all your customers if they would prefer an emailed invoice, a paper copy, or both. By asking this simple question, your customer will know where their invoice is and avoid confusion. Plus, you will not have the added hassle of follow-up for payment.

Paper contract

People Want Something Tangible

If you are preparing for a meeting, keep in mind that many people prefer a physical document because it is easier for them to make notes and highlights directly on the paper.

Handing out a physical document also helps people stay engaged throughout your meeting as opposed to reading off a computer, where there are plenty of distractions. 

Additionally, a physical document makes the content on the document seem more real. For instance, when we make a purchase, if you pay with cash, you feel like you have sacrificed something for the transaction as opposed to paying with plastic.

Likewise, for your customers—if they receive a physical contract or invoice, they feel like they have a higher obligation to uphold their side of the agreement to pay.

So whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, consider these reasons your business still needs office printers. Regardless if the printer is only for customers who request physical documents or if it’s for printing paper copies of important documents, you need one.

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