What Does Cost Per Page Mean?

Mar 28, 2021

Way to calculate cost-per-page

Ink cartridges have different weights, sizes, and even different amounts of ink within their internal reservoir. These vary drastically between manufacturers and products. But the one metric that always stays consistent between them is their page yield.

The page yield will let you know how many pages a cartridge can print before needing a replacement. While this number is not always 100% accurate, it gives you a good ballpark idea of each cartridge's potential.

What is 'Cost Per Page'?

The Cost Per Page (CPP) is a simple metric used to calculate how much every page costs to print while using a particular ink or toner cartridge.

How to Calculate Cost Per Page?

Cost per page can be calculated by taking the cartridge's original price and then dividing it by the number of pages that cartridge can print, also known as the page yield. This equation looks a little something like this:

Price / Page Yield = Cost Per Page

Let's try finding the page yield for an original HP 63 ink cartridge. The HP 63 cartridge usually costs around $20.99 for the standard yield black cartridge and has a page yield of 190 pages per cartridge.

$20.99 (Price) / 190 (Page Yield) = .11 

The cost per page of an HP 63 ink cartridge is 11 cents. That means every page printed is going to cost roughly 11 cents.

Cost per page can vary dramatically depending on the price and the original manufacturer of the ink cartridge. We've seen CPP's as low as one penny all the way up to nearly 20 cents per page.

You can try the cost-per-page equation with any ink or toner cartridge on the market. Using this formula, we can guarantee that you'll have the best judgment when comparing different ink cartridges.