Why You Should Order Office Supplies Online During This Crisis

May 01, 2020

Lady ordering online

It seems almost post-apocalyptic that a printer ink website has to preach to you about safety, but this is the scary world we live in right now. At the time of this writing, we are experiencing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot has changed within the past few months when it comes to consumer purchasing habits. 6-foot spacing while waiting in line, curbside pickups, and deliveries are the new norm when it comes to shopping. Not to mention that all nonessential businesses are pretty much shut down in your region. But what happens if you need a certain specific item?

Products don't get more specific than printer ink, as there are so many brands and types of ink cartridges. Even if you do find an open store, there is no guarantee that it will be carrying your specific printer cartridges. It takes a crisis to really change the way we look at our purchasing habits and how we actually shop. There are far more incentives from ordering online than you might imagine. 

Social Distancing

Social distancing being implemented in our everyday lives may take some getting used to, but it's beneficial for the greater good. This may affect the way you purchase nonessential goods. It may seem inconsequential, but every time you choose to stay inside, you're reducing the spread of the virus. Cutting down on your trips to stores not only saves you time but helps others by reducing our physical contact. 

Brick and mortar stores have confined aisles that make it hard to stay six feet away from others while shopping. Being in contact with so many people for office supplies seems like a risky trip to make. Purchasing online reduces your chance of human contact to zero. There's nothing easier than checking your mailbox and receiving your goods delivered directly to your door.

The convenience factor of ordering printer ink online is unmatched, just be sure to order with enough time in advance for shipping and handling to get your products on time. 

Supporting Local Businesses

It may seem counterintuitive to call e-commerce websites a local business, but a lot of these websites are run by real people and are not large corporations. These businesses, like all local businesses, are dependent on your support now more than ever. Purchasing exclusively online from these businesses helps them maintain their operations and makes sure they will remain in the future when they are able to open again physically.

Although the storefront you are purchasing from is not remotely close to you, you're still supporting a local business. 

guy carrying a box

Product Availability

It sounds strange to have to talk about shortages and delays when it comes to printer cartridges. What is essential and nonessential are at the will of their e-commerce platform or online marketplace. Even the largest platforms, such as Amazon, are slowing down tremendously due to COVID-19. They have broken down their products into two categories, essential and nonessential. Essential items include masks, gloves, or any other product that may need immediate usage during this outbreak. Everything else? Sadly, that's nonessential.

Nonessential items are experiencing the longest shipping times for the company's history, with an average of 1 to 2 month delivery wait time. We know you need your printer ink, but there's a considerable difference between urgent and essential in the eyes of large online marketplaces.

The good news is that smaller websites and platforms are shipping directly from their warehouses. If you're ordering from a smaller site or marketplace, most of them are operating like usual and will not make you wait months to receive your package. All businesses are different, so be sure to check their policies and estimated delivery time before placing your order.

Variety of Products 

Going hand in hand with availability, making sure your outlet has the correct ink for your printer may be hard. There are hundreds of types of printer cartridges out there, making sure your store carries the ink for your printer is what matters. Places like Walmart may have popular and more readily available cartridges like HP 61 ink or Brother TN450 toner. Yet older cartridges or more niche ink cartridges, such as the HP 4500 ink, are hardly available in stores. 

Online purchasing gives you the best of both worlds. Since inventory usually doesn't need to take up shelf space, the selection of ink cartridges you can purchase is much greater than what you would find in stores. Those harder to find cartridges are all readily available through websites. With website inventory that automatically updates, you can also see what products are available at the time of purchase instead of risking a store trip to see what they have.

Inventory management can be a breeze if done correctly. Here at 1ink.com, we have a Quick Ink Finder built into the website that can search for the correct ink cartridges based on your printer model. Not only will this give you the exact cartridge that is compatible with your printer, but you are also able to view its inventory status.


Ordering your office supplies online is probably the safest thing you can do, for the sake of yourself and others. There's really no reason to run out of the house for a single specific product, especially if you give yourself enough time to order online. Besides the minor delivery time that may be incurred, there are so many more benefits to ordering online in terms of convenience.

Always look for reliable websites and marketplaces to purchase your office supplies. Here at 1ink.com, we have been known for reliable business practices and excellent customer service since 2000. We are not experiencing any delays when it comes to fulfilling orders during this COVID-19 pandemic. All orders are delivered promptly and on time to ensure you always have your discount ink cartridges for your printing needs.