Brother TN-660

Brother TN660 Black High-Yield Compatible Toner Cartridge (Replaces TN630)

  • Black
  • High Yield
  • 2,600 Pages
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DESCRIPTION’s compatible Brother TN660 toner cartridge delivers a strong performance at a budget-friendly price. It’s designed to meet your professional and creative needs, with a page yield that works well for either at-home printing or for use in a small office with a relatively low volume of print work. Whether you’re working on a spreadsheet, text document, or monochrome photograph, you’ll appreciate the rich, black tones and precise line work your compatible printer produces. Every project becomes a pleasure to read thanks to the clean, legible print results you get when you use our compatible Brother TN660 toner.

You don’t need to drain your budget in order to get high-quality print work. Our compatible Brother TN660 toner cartridges use premium printer toner, and they’re designed to match the print quality, page yield, and performance that you get from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Brother toner. However, our toner saves you a lot of money. This cartridge is priced more than 55% below the OEM retail cost, meaning you can get two of our remanufactured toner cartridges for less than it costs to buy one OEM cartridge. Stop overpaying for Brother TN660 toner replacements and start saving with

  • Contents: one (1) compatible Brother TN660 toner cartridge - High Yield.
  • Based on industry-standard performance metrics, this cartridge can print up to 2,600 pages.
  • This cartridge works flawlessly with printer models from the Brother MFC, DCP, and HL series.

Which Brother printers use TN660 toner?

Brother printers that can use the TN660 toner cartridge include select models of DCP, HL, and MFC series printers.

Some popular models of these printers include the HL-L2320D, the MFC-L2740DW, and the DCP-L2540dw. To view our full list of compatible Brother printers that utilize TN660 toner, you can scroll down to our Related Printers list below.

What's the difference between Brother TN630 and TN660?

Both the TN630 and TN660 function identically with the same Brother printers. They are nearly identical except that the TN660 will print you more pages than the TN630.

The Brother TN660 is a high-yield cartridge and can produce approximately 2,600 pages before it needs to be replaced. The TN630 is a standard yield cartridge and will only print around 1,200 pages.

Where can I buy cheap Brother TN660 toner?

It's no surprise that TN660 toner can become quite a costly consumable, especially if you're printing in an office setting. Stocking up on extra toner cartridges can be the smart option if you are printing in bulk to ensure you will always have the available resources. Cheap Brother toner is hard to come by, but we've got you covered.

Here at, we offer a few bundles Brother toner bundles that will meet your printing needs. First is our compatible Brother TN660 2-Pack. This affordable bundle comes with two high-yield TN660 toner cartridges priced cheaper than buying a single original Brother TN660 cartridge from retail stores.

For our more frequent printers, we offer a compatible Brother TN660 5-Pack, which comes stocked with four high-yield toner cartridges and one drum unit. Buying all of these separately could cost you over $400, but our package is heavily discounted, providing you with affordable compatible Brother toner cartridges that won't break the bank.

How long does TN660 toner last?

If stored in the right conditions, Brother TN660 toner can have a shelf life of up to 24 months.

Even if factory sealed, properly storing your TN660 is vital to maximizing its shelf life. Toner is a perishable item. The toner powder inside your cartridge is a photosensitive material that can degrade due to many elements, such as being exposed to light. It is recommended to leave your toner in a dark environment with a moderate controlled temperature, such as a drawer in your office.

Do I need a drum unit for my Brother TN660 toner?

Yes, drum units are essential for all Brother toner cartridges, including the TN660. Printers that use the TN630 and TN660 need a Brother DR630 Drum Unit to function properly.

A drum unit is a cylindrical vessel in which toner cartridges are placed inside, using electric charges to transfer toner onto the paper. Both the drum unit and the toner cartridge are required to print.

You do not need to replace the drum unit every time you replace your TN660 toner cartridge. While drum units do not last forever, as they are a consumable item, although they will last you longer than toner cartridges. As a general rule, you should always replace your drum unit after three to four toner replacements. Using a drum unit for longer than that intended period will lead to less than stellar printing results.

Will a compatible TN660 cartridge work with my Brother laser printer?

A compatible TN660 is simply a toner cartridge that is not made by the original manufacturer, Brother. Compatible toner cartridges work exactly the same as their original counterparts and will fit all compatible printers with absolutely no problem at all.

These generic alternatives use the same quality toner as the name brands and have no quality difference. If your printer can use a Brother TN660 or TN630 cartridge, it will have no problem using compatible TN660 toner cartridges.

Can I recycle my used TN660 toner?

While you can throw away your used TN660 toner cartridges, it is highly recommended that you recycle them. Although we do not accept recycled TN660 cartridges at our facility, select chain establishments offer rewards and discounts for recycling used ink and toner cartridges. Participating Staples, Best Buy, and Office Depot are great places to check in with. You can also check if your local recycling plant will accept used toner or ink cartridges, as most vary depending on the facility.

Product Specifications

High Yield
Product Type:
Toner Cartridge
Product Guarantee:
12 Months
Shelf Life:
24 Months
Page Yield:
2,600 Pages
Package Quantity:
Single Pack
OEM Number: