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Epson’s Expression printer series, also called the Small-in-One® series, offers all-in-one convenience in a compact desktop printer. Expression printers are capable of copying, faxing, scanning, and printing one or two-sided documents and photos. They also offer advanced photo printing quality and speed, with 4” x 6” photographs printing at up to 12 seconds per photo. Depending on the model you have, your printer may be capable of printing up to 14 pages per minute (ppm) of high-quality text documents and images. Some models include additional features like wireless mobile device printing and options to scan photos directly to social media pages or to your storage cloud.

Many Epson Expression printers use Epson 273 ink cartridges, though some models require Epson T200 ink cartridges. has unbeatable offers on remanufactured replacement ink for Epson Expression printers. Our remanufactured replacement Epson ink cartridges are designed to give you the same degree of quality and performance you love from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Epson ink at up to 60 percent off the OEM retail price. We put our cartridges through industry-standard quality inspections so you know you’ll never get defective cartridges from We also run comprehensive post-remanufacturing print tests to ensure our cartridges work with a given Expression model so you can produce exquisite work every time you print.

The Epson Expression series of printers are a set of all-in-one inkjet printers that are specifically designed for ease of use for home printing. The Epson Expression, also referred to as the Epson XP, is a cost-effective transition point from an enterprise printer to a home printer. These Epson XP printers focused on simplistic yet effective features and functions as a swiss-army-knife of sorts for those in need of copy, scan, and printing functionality at a more than acceptable quality output.

Epson Expression is broken down into a few subseries to highlight certain features:

  • Epson XP - The standard Epson Expression Multifunction Printer with Copy, Scan, and Printing Capabilities 
  • Epson XP Premium - Comes with all multi-functional features but includes premium features such as extra USB Ports, automatic duplex printing, external memory slots, overall faster performance, and higher quality output resolution. 
  • Epson XP ET (Epson EcoTank) - The standard multifunction features except has an ink tank and does not use ink cartridges.
  • Epson XP Photo - A small subset of printers that are hyper-focused on photo printing, uses specialized ink cartridges.
  • Epson Expression Home - Compact, light, and affordable multifunction printer aimed at producing above-average text and graphic quality for a mid-level home printer.

What Ink Does an Epson XP Printer Use?

Epson XP printers come in all shapes and sizes, so it wouldn’t surprise you that no ‘no-size-fits-all’ ink cartridge can be used across the board.

The most popular printer ink cartridges used for Epson Expression printers, like the Epson XP 440, are Epson 288 ink. These come into two variations, the standard-yield Epson 288 and the high-yield Epson 288XL. Both of these versions are interchangeable, and the only difference between them is that the Epson 288XL can produce more pages per cartridge than the standard Epson 288.

Epson 288 ink comes in four different colors: black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Keep in mind that all four ink cartridges must be present in order for your Epson XP printer to function normally.

Other popular professional printers, such as the Epson XP 7100, use a specialized ink cartridge that contains Epson 410 ink. These Epson XP Premium printers produce better photo printing results due to their five slot ink cartridge mechanism which includes black, cyan, magenta, yellow as well as a special Epson 410 photo black ink cartridge that more accurately depicts dark colors in photographs.

Epson 410 is a relatively new cartridge on the market at the moment, which means it can be harder to find in retail stores until it is more widely adopted by more Epson XP Premium printers. Epson 410 ink also comes in two variations, the standard yield Epson 410 as well as the Epson 410XL, which will produce more pages per cartridge.

Some printers like the Epson XP 420 use a relative niche ink cartridge called the Epson 220XL. However, Epson printers that use 220 ink come few and far between, so don’t expect to see these on retail shelves too often. The point being, check what exact ink cartridge your Epson XP printer needs before purchasing a replacement because there are a lot of different options available.

Epson Ink Pricing for Expression Printers

Much like how pricing for printers varies across their different models, so does the pricing for Epson ink cartridges. Let’s take a look at the popular Epson 288 ink cartridges and how the pricing across the board affects them.

Epson 288 ink cartridge price vs 288xl

Epson 288 ink is pretty expensive, especially considering what you’re actually getting out of each cartridge. The original standard-yield Epson 288 ink cartridge can only produce up to 175 pages before needing to be replaced. However, the Epson 288XL can produce nearly triple the number of pages at around 500 pages per cartridge.

You may be noticing that little bar on the right side of the graph. That’s’s remanufactured Epson 288XL cartridges. They produce up to 500 pages exactly like the 288XL, except they cost the same price as the standard-yield cartridge of Epson 288 black ink.

Take into account that you may need a full set of 288 ink cartridges to get your Expression home printer up and running again.

This comparison may seem a little misleading, but follow along with us. An original Epson 288XL combo pack costs around $82 for one 288XL black and one of each corresponding 288 color cartridge. gives you more printer ink for less money. We offer our remanufactured Epson 288XL combo pack that comes with five cartridges instead of four, and it still is priced significantly lower than the original. Enjoy an extra 288XL black cartridge from our 5-pack bundle and start saving more on Epson printer ink.

Epson 288xl ink set price comparison

What is the Best Epson XP Series Printer?

This is probably the question that we get asked the most in regards to purchasing a new printer. The word ‘best’ is obviously subjective, but some Epson XP printers stand out above the rest, especially in terms of functionality. 

Let’s start by mentioning the entire Epson Expression Home series. Yes, we know we are cheating, but this whole line of printers deserves a spot on here. When referring to the Expression Home series, people most notably mention the Epson XP 4100 as well as the Epson XP 446. 

Both are fantastic printers in their own right, but the entire Expression Home series pretty much does what these two ‘stand-out’ printers mostly do. The draw of the Epson Expression Home series is the fact that they are light, compact, and slick in design. They are a perfect addition to any home office and can squeeze into a relatively cramped environment with ease. Couple that with the fact that the Expression Home series has a fantastic output in the quality department, and you got yourself an affordable powerhouse home printer.

If you’re looking for a less vague answer, we can tell you that another formidable contender is the Epson XP 7100, which is part of Epson’s’ premium line of printers. The Epson 7100 has a wealth of quality of life improvements, especially for those who are used to those expensive enterprise printers at the office. One of the most notable features includes having an Auto Document Feeder (ADF) for those who need to scan multiple pages at once. It also has the luxury of automatic duplex printing, USB ports, and an external memory slot for those looking to easily transfer and print photographs.

How to Change or Replace an Epson Expression Ink Cartridge

Most Epson XP printers are designed similarly, meaning changing or replacing an ink cartridge on your printer can be done almost universally while following the same few simple steps:

  1. Make sure that your printer is on.
  1. Lift the scanner unit to expose the cartridge carriage (Make sure that the carriage is idle before making the next step).
  1. Squeeze the tab on the ink cartridge and lift it straight up to remove it from its locked position.
  1. Remove the packaging or any obstructive tape or plastic from the new ink cartridge and gently shake the new cartridge four to five times.
  1. Insert the new cartridge into the slot and firmly press down until you hear a click.
  1. Check the LCD screen on your Epson printer to verify that the cartridge was installed correctly.
  1. Close the scanner unit and allow the printer to complete its priming process; this may take a few minutes. 
  1. Once the priming process is complete, you will see a completion message on the LCD screen that reads: Ink Replacement Complete.

Where to Buy the Cheapest Epson Ink Cartridges Online?

Shopping online for cheap printer ink has many benefits, as long as you know where to look. There are hundreds of companies that will sell you ink cartridges at prices that you may think are lower than retailers.

Shop at a place that is reputable. has been in the business for over 20 years and counting, with over 45,000 positive reviews, we’ve garnered a reputation for high-quality products delivered in a satisfactory manner. has a huge list of printer ink cartridges that are 100% guaranteed to work with your Epson Expression Home printer. We believe that ink cartridges should be not only high-quality but also affordable and accessible for the average consumer to attain. We’re not interested in maximizing profit by implementing predatory pricing; we sell our printer ink cartridges at up to 80% less than what you would pay at retailers.

Whether you need Epson 410XL for your XP 630 printer or have a newer model that needs Epson 220XL we have individual cartridges as well as combo ink cartridge packs that are sure to save you hundreds of dollars on your purchases over the years.