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The WorkForce printer series from Epson offers incredible print power and all-in-one capabilities that are perfect for printing at home or at your office desk. This compact printer utilizes Epson’s patented PrecisionCore™ printing technology to produce fast, brilliant print work, with some models offering print speeds of up to 38 pages per minute (ppm). Speed is always accompanied by quality with this printer, which accurately sprays up to 40 million pinpoints of ink each second to create stunning photographs and documents with ease. Later models also feature wireless printing options that allow you to print from your smartphone or tablet.

The ink cartridges you need for your WorkForce will depend on the model you own. Some models use Epson 252 ink cartridges, while other models use Epson 200 ink cartridges. No matter what WorkForce model you own, can help you save money on your printing costs. Our remanufactured replacement ink for Epson WorkForce printers is priced up to 70 percent cheaper than the retail price of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Epson ink.

Low prices don’t mean low quality at You’ll get comparable levels of quality and performance at a fraction of the price, allowing you to save money for your business or stock up on even more printing supplies. Our cartridges pass industry-standard quality inspections and print tests, so they’re guaranteed to be free of any defects and they’re guaranteed to produce incredible print work with your WorkForce compatible printer model.

The Epson WorkForce series is a long-spanning line of all-in-one color inkjet printers, which were introduced in 2008. As the name implies, the WorkForce series was engineered for intended use in small businesses and home offices.

The Epson WorkForce series is split up into two main groups, the original Epson WorkForce, and the Epson WorkForce Pro. The Epson WorkForce Pro has become such a successful sub-brand that it has branched off into its own professional-grade printer series.

As for this specific page, we're focusing directly on the original Epson WorkForce line of printers. This series spans over a decade and has rapidly evolved over the years into a formidable home or office printer. Epson WorkForce printers characteristically all have copying, scanning, and printing capabilities, as they fall under the All-in-One (AIO) color printer umbrella. All Epson WorkForce printers use individual color ink cartridges instead of a single tri-color cartridge.

What Epson Ink Cartridges Do WorkForce Printers Use?

The Epson WorkForce series uses a variety of ink cartridges with their printers. There is no universal printer ink that fits all WorkForce printers, so be sure to check which ink cartridge is compatible with your printer.

Some of the more popular WorkForce printers use Epson 220 ink cartridges. These standard yield ink cartridges print up to 175 pages before needing to be replaced. For those who print more frequently, they may be interested in using the high-yield Epson 220XL ink cartridges. They are completely interchangeable with the standard Epson 220 ink but print up to 500 pages.

Epson printers that use 126 ink cartridges are relatively common as well. Epson 126 ink work with the older but popular printers such as the WF 3530 and the WorkForce 7510. Although newer models of the WorkForce series are no longer compatible with Epson 126 ink cartridges, they remain a staple for those who have purchased a WF printer within the past five years.

Other honorable mentions include the newer Epson 252 ink cartridges, which are mostly compatible with newer printer models such as the Epson WF 7710 and the latest Epson WorkForce 7720. These Epson 252 ink cartridges are becoming increasingly popular, especially as the years roll by. We won't be surprised if these cartridges overthrow the 220 ink cartridges in popularity within the next few years.

Epson Ink Pricing for WorkForce Printers 

The price of Epson ink varies quite drastically between printer models. The WorkForce series is notoriously sporadic between cartridge pricing, so be sure to check which ink cartridge you need for your specific printer before purchasing. Let's take a look at some of the popular Epson ink cartridges.

As mentioned earlier, the Epson 252 ink cartridges are gradually becoming more popular over the years. However, their pricing doesn't seem to reflect that at all. A standard yield Epson 252 ink cartridge costs around $19.99 for a black cartridge. The subsequent standard yield color cartridges all cost $12.99 each. So, it's going to cost you at least $60 to fill your Epson printer with the absolute least amount of ink.

It's important to not only take the price into account but also the page yield. The page yield is the number of pages that each cartridge can produce before being replaced. There are usually two "versions" of every cartridge on the market, the standard and the high-yield version. High-yield, or XL in the case of Epson ink cartridges, will always produce more pages than the standard yield version.

Let's take a look specifically at the 252 ink cartridges to take these page yields into perspective. The difference between the standard and the high-yield is staggering. The 252XL can print more than triple the amount of the standard Epson 252.

page yield comparison on Epson 252 ink vs 252xl

The pricing also plays an essential role in determining which printer ink is right for you.

Price comparison on Epson 252 ink vs 252xl

As you can see in the graph above, the compatible, high-yield Epson 252XL ink sold by offers the best value. It produces 1,100 pages, yet it only costs as much as the standard yield Epson 252. Saving money has never been so easy once you start using our compatible ink cartridges for your Epson WorkForce printers. cuts pricing across the board when it comes to all the most popular Epson ink cartridges. Our compatible Epson ink cartridges are priced 40% lower than the original that you would find in stores. 

When you bundle your ink cartridges, you can save even more money. Our compatible 5 Pack - Epson 126 color ink bundle comes with everything you need to get your WorkForce printer up and running at half the cost of the original. The bundle comes with one of each color ink cartridge, as well as two high-yield Epson 126 black cartridges to keep you stocked up.

What is the Best Epson WorkForce Printer?

Over the years, the newest features on premium printers start to dwindle in cost and are implemented into cheaper printers by default. This is where the Epson WorkForce series excels. By taking once premium features of the WorkForce Pro series and slowly implementing them into the more cost-effective WorkForce series, you can see a considerable range of improvement over the years. 

So what's the best Epson WorkForce printer on the market right now? 

You can't go anywhere online without reading the raving reviews for the Epson WF 7720, and rightly so. This printer is an absolute staple in the household right now. Not only is it able to tackle your professional printing projects with ease, but it can also get those less pressing tasks such as printing children's homework done. The Epson WorkForce 7720 has a proven track record of premium features such as flawless duplex printing, auto document feeding, and large capacity tray, which can fit up to 500 documents. However, this Epson WF 7720 is a bit slow and lacking in the speed department. 

If you're looking for a printer that is a little less bulky and more manageable for tighter spaced home offices, then the Epson WorkForce 7710 might be the right pick for you. It has all the features needed but fewer bells and whistles than its slightly upgraded counterpart. 

If you're looking for a budget printer produced by Epson, you're in luck; there are tons of picks that can match your exact printing needs. A lot of the older models that are "outdated" work just fine, and you'll be able to snag one for a pretty good price, seeing as they're always on clearance. One of the cheapest Epson printers on the list is the Epson WF 2540, especially for those looking to take advantage of its cost-effective color printing.

For those looking to ditch the ink cartridge complex entirely, there is also the Epson 2750, which is a slightly upgraded WorkForce printer with an EcoTank that allows you to go completely cartridgeless. WorkForce printers that utilize EcoTanks are usually denoted by an "ET" in their printer name. However, these printers often are much more costly than regular WorkForce inkjet printers and will cost around double the price of an average WorkForce printer.

How to Change or Replace Ink Cartridge on Epson WorkForce?

Most WorkForce printers will follow an extremely similar procedure for replacing their ink cartridges.

  1. Make sure your printer is turned on.
  1. Lift the scanner unit and open the cartridge cover.
  1. Squeeze the tab on the ink cartridge and lift straight up to remove it/
  1. Remove the new ink cartridge from its respective packaging, make sure to remove any obstructive plastic, clips, or tape.
  1. Gently shake the new cartridge a few times.
  1. Insert the new cartridge into the holder and give it a firm push until it locks in place.
  1. Close the cartridge cover and push it down until it locks.
  1. Close the scanner unit and wait until your ink cartridge finishes installing. You will see the completion message Ink Replacement is Complete when finished.

Where to Buy Cheap Epson Ink for WorkForce Printers?

The WorkForce series of printers implement lots of different ink cartridge sets. Most notably, all the printers in the WorkForce series are of the color inkjet variety, which means you are forced to buy at least four ink cartridges to keep your printer up and running. This is a nail in the coffin for most people trying to keep their operating costs low.

While the cartridges are not excessively expensive, the standard capacity ink cartridges run out extremely fast, as some are only built to print around 300 pages before needing to be replaced. Keeping a backup set of printer ink cartridges is essential for these printers, as you may not know which color ink will run out next.

That being said, if you're looking for a reputable vendor, some of the cheapest Epson ink cartridges online can be found at You can find some cartridges up to 85% off what they would cost you at any original retailer.

We have ink cartridges for all types of Epson printers from the newer Epson WF 7720 all the way to older discontinued models such as the WorkForce 2540. Visit our homepage for exclusive coupons and discounts for your next ink cartridge order.