HP 60XL Black replacement

HP 60XL High-Yield Black Remanufactured Ink Cartridge (CC641WN)

  • Black
  • High yield
  • 600 pages
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Try this remanufactured black HP 60XL printer ink (CC641WN) and power through any project with affordable, high-grade ink! Each high-yield ink cartridge offers a high page yield for anyone printing at home or on a personal printer at the office, which means you won’t have to worry about seeing your printer’s low ink warning. Every replacement HP ink cartridge from 1ink.com is guaranteed to produce professional-quality work and meet your needs, no matter what you’re working on. We use premium ink and we perform comprehensive print tests on all of our replacement HP cartridges.

Our remanufactured HP 60XL ink cartridges are guaranteed to install easily, perform flawlessly, and produce quality work. We use up to 40% recycled plastic to reduce environmental waste and keep your costs low, but we use brand-new internal components and perform rigorous inspections to ensure that you always get a reliable product. Order your print supplies today and save up to 64% off the OEM price on this premium remanufactured ink cartridge!

  • This remanufactured HP 60XL ink cartridge in black (CC641WN) prints up to 600 pages with ease!
  • Works with the DeskJet, ENVY, and PhotoSmart series HP printers. We test our ink and we guarantee that it’s safe to use and will never void your printer’s warranty. Order now and save!

Are HP 60 and HP 63 interchangeable?

HP 60 and HP 63 are not interchangeable and will not work if inserted into the wrong printer. HP 60 ink cartridges support select DeskJet, ENVY, and PhotoSmart printers. The HP 63 will work with select OfficeJet, ENVY, and DeskJet printers. Although there is some overlap between support for ENVY and DeskJet printers, you will need to check the specific printer model number to see which cartridge will work with your printer. You can view the printers that will work with HP 60 ink cartridges by scrolling down to our Related Printers section.

What printer uses HP 60 ink cartridges?

HP 60 ink is compatible with select DeskJet, OfficeJet, and ENVY models of HP Printers. Some popular models include DeskJet 3630, ENVY 4510 AIO, and OfficeJet 5252. To view our complete list of HP 60 compatible printers, navigate below to our Related Printers section.

Do HP 60 and HP 61 ink cartridges work for the same printer?

HP 61 and HP 60 ink cartridges are not interchangeable and will not work with non-designated HP printers.

Even Though they share similar names, there are chips placed in these ink cartridges that can detect if they are not in the proper printer.

Although both HP 60 and 61 work for the same line of printers such as the DeskJet, OfficeJet, and ENVY, they do not support the same specific model numbers and will not work with each other.

What's the difference between HP 60 and 60XL?

There is no physical difference between the HP 60 and 60XL versions of ink cartridges. They are both placed in the exact same cartridge and will fit your printer, respectively. The only difference between 60 and 60XL is how many pages it can print before needing to be replaced. HP 60 is standard yield, meaning it will print a certain amount of around 200 black pages. On the other hand, the HP 60XL is the high yield version, meaning it can print up to three times the amount, with around 600 pages that can be printed before you have to replace the cartridge.

Can I refill my HP 60 cartridge?

While it is possible to refill your HP 60 ink cartridge, improper refilling of cartridges can result in irreversible damage to your printer. Depending on the severity, cartridge leaks can ruin the internal functions of your printer.

Product Specifications

High yield
Product Type:
Ink cartridge
Product Guarantee:
12 Months
Shelf Life:
24 Months
Page Yield:
600 pages
Package Quantity:
Single Pack
OEM Number: