HP 62XL (C2P05AN) Ink Cartridge Black

HP 62XL High-Yield Black Remanufactured Ink Cartridge (C2P05AN)

  • Black
  • High Yield
  • 600 pages
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Save money with our remanufactured HP 62 ink cartridge and enjoy high-quality prints. This high-yield black ink cartridge, also known as C2P05AN, is filled with the highest-quality ink and will produce professional-quality results every time. With a page yield of up to 600 pages, our HP 62XL High-Yield ink cartridge allows you to tackle your print projects with less interruption. We use premium components, ensuring that every unit performs flawlessly. Our skilled technicians test all our products, and we guarantee that our replacement HP printer ink will perform just as well as the original brand for a fraction of the cost. Enjoy complete peace of mind with our full 1-year warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Which printers use HP 62 ink?

HP 62 ink cartridges work with select ENVY and OfficeJet printers. Some of the more popular compatible printer models are ENVY 5540, ENVY 5640, ENVY 5660, ENVY 7640, OfficeJet 5740, OfficeJet 8040, and OfficeJet 200 Mobile. You can view our complete list of compatible printers in the list below.

How many pages does HP 62 ink print?

The standard HP 62 black ink cartridge prints up to 200 pages, and the High-Yield HP 62XL black ink prints up to 600 pages.

What is the difference between the HP 62 and the HP 62XL ink?

HP 62 standard and the HP 62XL High-Yield are physically identical and will both fit in your printer. The main difference is page-yield. The HP 62XL ink cartridge contains significantly more ink and prints nearly three times as many pages. You can print up to 600 pages with the High-Yield vs. 200 pages with the standard cartridge. The High-Yield printer ink costs slightly higher but provides a far better value for the consumer.

Will the remanufactured HP 62 ink work with my printer?

Yes, our remanufactured HP 62 ink cartridges are guaranteed to fit and work seamlessly with your printer. Our remanufactured cartridges are basically recycled OEM cartridges that have been cleaned and refilled with premium-quality ink. They are tested, inspected for quality, and calibrated for full compatibility with your HP printer. Our engineers apply the strictest protocols and guidelines to ensure our products deliver the best print results and meet all your printing needs.

What does XL mean on HP 62 ink cartridge?

The “XL” means that the cartridge is High-Capacity, aka High-Yield, and will print more pages than a standard HP 62 ink.

Can I use the HP 62XL in my printer?

Yes, the HP 62XL ink is the high-yield version and will print considerably more pages. It will, however, install in your printer the same way as the standard HP 62 ink.

Are the remanufactured HP 62 ink cartridges guaranteed?

Our HP 62 ink comes with a 1-Year warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We provide lifetime customer support so you can shop risk-free and with confidence.

What is HP 62 ink shelf life?

If stored properly, the HP 62 ink cartridges typically have an 18-24 months shelf life. There are a few simple instructions that you can follow to extend the shelf life of your HP ink. We recommend that you store them in normal room temperature, ideally between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, in order to protect the quality of the ink. Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or frigid temperatures. Also, make sure they are stored in an upright position and avoid taking them out of their box or packaging unless you intend to use them. Following these steps ensures your HP printer ink 62 remains in top condition.

Product Specifications

High Yield
Product Type:
Ink cartridge
Product Guarantee:
12 Months
Shelf Life:
24 Months
Page Yield:
600 pages
Package Quantity:
Single Pack
OEM Number: