Ink Cartridges For HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color Printers

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HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color Printer Ink Installation Tips and Details

The HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color printer series offers heavy-duty print power for any medium to large-size office. This inkjet printer can print up to 44 pages per minute (ppm), allowing you to work through any project you need to print with speed and efficiency. Depending on which model you own, you may have all-in-one features that allow you to print, scan, copy, and even fax from your printer.

If you’re using an HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color printer, you’ll need HP 980 ink cartridges. Fortunately, we offer our remanufactured replacement for HP 980 ink cartridges at Our remanufactured ink cartridges are rebuilt with brand new internal components and are designed to match the print quality, performance, and page yield of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) HP ink as closely as possible. The biggest difference is the price – at, we sell our remanufactured HP 980 ink cartridges for over 50 percent off the OEM retail price. Our cartridges are guaranteed to work with your compatible HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color printer model, and they’re guaranteed to be free of any manufacturer flaws thanks to our quality inspection and industry standard print tests. You’ll get impeccable print work that will exceed your expectations, page after page.

The OfficeJet Enterprise Color is a series of HP color inkjet printers that are built for heavy-duty printing with high-monthly duty cycles and industrial paper capacity. This printer series is often the go-to choice for high-traffic settings like hospitals, law offices, or government facilities.

What sets this series apart from other printers within its general league is that the OfficeJet Enterprise Color is an inkjet printer, while most other enterprise printers utilize laser technology to achieve quick and controlled speeds. Quite contrary to the notion, the inkjet aspect does not hinder the series at all, as it is able to keep up and achieve print speeds comparable to its laser printer counterparts.

The series is rather small as well, only containing two printers, or technically five printers if you count the slight variations between them. The lineup consists of the HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color MFP X585 and the HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color x555. Both of these printers have additional models based on them with upgraded features.

The OfficeJet Enterprise Color series consist of absolute units, as most of these printers weigh upwards of 80 lbs each and must be rolled to their destination. These beasts are a little too unwieldy to share a desk with, so keep in mind that you will need a dedicated table for this behemoth of a printer.

What Ink Cartridges Do HP OfficeJet Enterprise Use?

When comparing laser to inkjet printers, usually the first talking point that comes up is toner cartridge versus ink cartridge page yield. Ink cartridges generally have a low page yield, but the ink cartridges used for OfficeJet Enterprise printers particularly break this trend.

OfficeJet Enterprise uses HP 980 ink cartridges as their main consumable. The HP 980 black cartridge is able to produce up to 10,000 pages per cartridge, while the HP 980 color cartridges can produce up to 6,600. These page yields are unusually high, especially for HP ink cartridges, but they ensure that high-capacity enterprise printing can continue without constantly replacing the cartridges.

The one downfall to these cartridges would be their price. As you can see, these cartridges usually cost over $100 each, so it might be a hefty investment, especially after purchasing the printer itself.

How Much Does HP OfficeJet Enterprise Ink Cost?

Unlike most dedicated HP printer series, the ink cartridges used for the HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color series are 100% streamlined. As mentioned earlier, all HP OfficeJet Enterprise printers use HP 980 ink cartridges, no matter which model or version you own.

This takes a lot of the guessing work out of purchasing them. However, there's not much wiggle-room for saving, especially when buying the original product. The HP 980 only comes in a standard yield cartridge. Usually, there are high-yield cartridge options that provide you with more than double the amount of ink for a small price difference. As for the HP 980 ink cartridges, you're stuck with the standard yield.

hp 980 cartridge pricing

Pricing isn't anything to be enthusiastic about either; most of these cartridges are priced at over $100 each. However, you can choose an alternative option if you're looking to save over 50% on your ink cartridge expenses. has been providing our community with affordable ink cartridge alternatives for the past 20 years. Our remanufactured replacement HP 980 cartridges are filled to the brim with the same high-quality ink you would expect from the name-brand for a fraction of the cost.

Keep in mind that in order to keep these OfficeJet Enterprise printers running, that you will need four different ink cartridges present within your printer. All four cartridges must have ink remaining, or else the printer will essentially refuse to print until the empty cartridge is replaced.

Which HP OfficeJet Enterprise Printer is the Best?

All five of these printers function very similarly, and the only thing that differentiates them is their optional features and physical size due to add-ons. They all share the same general printing speeds across the board at a respectable 44 to 55 pages per minute for all documents.

One of the defining features that allow all of these inkjet printers to go toe-to-toe with laser printers is the unique printhead that the OfficeJet Enterprise utilizes. These wide printheads are as large as the document that is being printed, meaning that they can print an entire sheet within a single passthrough. This dramatically speeds up the printing process and eliminates the constant 'back and forth' bobbing from the printhead as it prints.

As for choosing 'the best', there's not much of a choice between the series besides which optional features you are willing to pay for. Some may seem unnecessary for offices that will not frequently utilize them, but optical character recognition features could be a game-changer for offices that constantly scan physical documents.

We've broken down the defining features of each printer within the HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color series so you can see for yourself.

X555dn - Base Model - 500-Sheet Input Tray

X555xh - Deluxe Model - Additional 500-Sheet Input Tray for Double Capacity, High-Performance Secure Hard Disk

X585dn - Base model - Copy, Scan, ADF

X585f - Midrange Model - Copy, Scan, Fax, ADF

X585z = Deluxe Model - Copy, Scan, Fax, ADF, Retractable Keyboard, DoubleFeed Detection, Save to SharePoint option, and Optical Character Recognition.

How to Install or Replace HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color Ink Cartridge

Since the HP OfficeJet Enterprise printers' family are relatively similar and will use the same ink cartridges, this tutorial will work for all printers within this series.

  1. Make sure your printer is on.
  2. Open the ink cartridge door.
  3. Push the old ink cartridge inward in order to release it.
  4. Grasp the edge of the old ink cartridge and pull straight out to remove it.
  5. Remove the new ink cartridge from its respective packaging. Make sure to remove any plastic, clips, or tape that may obstruct the installation process.
  6. Do not touch the gold-colored contact points on the cartridge, as it may damage or cause print-quality issues.
  7. Insert the new ink cartridge into the printer. Firmly push the cartridge in until you hear it lock in place.
  8. Close the ink cartridge door.

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