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HP PageWide Printer Ink Cartridges

The HP PageWide is a series of color inkjet printers that are designed as an alternative to color laser printing. With special printbar technology, the entire HP PageWide line is able to reduce printer downtime and maximize the volume of your printing in busy office environments. These inkjet printers are able to print just as fast and sometimes up to 47% faster than standard color laser printers.

But what sets the HP Pagewide series apart from other HP inkjet printers? 

That would be its patented print bar, which is able to print across an entire sheet of paper in a single pass-through. HP PageWide printers use a stationary printhead that is wide enough to encompass the whole page, unlike other inkjet printers that utilize smaller printheads that need to constantly move back and forth to print a single page. The elimination of printhead movement allows for faster and more efficient color printing, making the PageWide series perfect for medium to high-volume color printing.

The series is primarily split up into two distinct categories.

The HP PageWide Pro: Medium-volume inkjet printer, either MFP or print only functionality. Designed for 5 to 10 users with up to 6,000 pages per month. Up to 50 pages per minute and automatic duplexing capabilities.

The HP PageWide Enterprise: High-volume MFP inkjet printer that boasts the fastest speeds within HP's entire printer catalog with up to 70 pages per minute. Designed for 5 to 15 users with a generous paper capacity and additional paper trays. Added security and safety options for user privacy.

What Ink Cartridge Does My HP PageWide Printer Use?

HP PageWide printers are often compared to laser printers even though they are strictly inkjet devices. Laser printers are popularly regarded as the best option for large volume printing, as their toner cartridges often produce more pages than standard ink cartridges. For the most part, toner cartridges have a higher page yield than your average ink cartridge.

However, the HP PageWide flips this notion on its head and uses specialized ink cartridges that are designed for large volume printing. As for all of the HP PageWide ink cartridges, they have an abnormally high page yield.

Popular printers like the HP Pagewide Pro MFP 477dw use HP 972 ink cartridges as their main consumables. A single HP 972 ink cartridge is able to print up to 3,500 pages in black or 3,000 pages in color. If you're looking for even more bang for your buck, there is also a high-yield version called the HP 972X which can print more than double the number of pages than the standard HP 972 ink cartridge.

With the black HP 972X cartridge able to print up to 10,000 pages, it's hard to compare this extremely durable and high-volume cartridge with other ink cartridges in its class. Compared to other HP ink cartridges such as the HP 63XL, the HP 972X prints more than 20 times the number of pages.

Ink Cartridge Pricing for HP PageWide Printer

There's a general rule that toner cartridges are more expensive than ink cartridges due to the number of pages they can yield. But how does it work for ink cartridges that outperform most standard toner cartridges?

The ink cartridges for HP PageWide printers are sort of an anomaly. They have extremely impressive page yields and easily rival most laser printer toner cartridges. But these highly specialized cartridges can be pretty costly to keep in your inventory.

As a color inkjet printer, that means that four cartridges are needed to fully print in color. There are no Tri-Color ink cartridges for any PageWide printers, so you must separately purchase a yellow, cyan, and magenta 972 ink cartridge.

With such a high page yield from the HP 972A, you would expect an alternative to the product to be inferior or produce fewer pages. However, that couldn't be further from the truth.

1ink.com has replacement HP 972 ink cartridges that are filled with the exact same high-quality ink that you would expect from the name brands. The only difference is that our remanufactured cartridges are priced at a significant discount compared to the original.

Purchasing a full set of standard HP 972 ink cartridges can easily cost you nearly $400. That's not even taking into account how much it costs to keep your printer stocked up with the high-yield versions of the cartridge either.

What is the Best HP PageWide Printer?

While there is no definitive option for the best HP PageWide, there are certain things you have to take into consideration before purchasing one.

If you're looking to take on scanning, faxing, and copying in addition to large print loads, the HP PageWide Pro MFP 477dw would be a solid choice. This device comes equipped with automatic duplex printing to speed up lengthy two-sided print jobs.

The HP 477dw can print at incredibly consistent speeds as well. The first page printed will be out within 7 seconds of you pressing the print button. From there on out, it can print up to 40 pages per minute. The HP PageWide Pro 477dw is a jack of all trades and well suited for those needing a handful of different functions from a single printer.

If you like the HP 477dw but need a little bit more horsepower for a larger office environment, then the HP PageWide Pro 577dw might be right for you. This upgraded printer has all the same features as its predecessors, except it can output pages faster. The HP 577dw can print black and white documents up to 70 pages per minute.

How Do I Change or Replace Ink Cartridge for HP PageWide Printer?

Many PageWide follow a similar procedure when swapping out their used cartridges; however, there might be a slight variation between models. This specific tutorial will show you how to replace your ink cartridge on your HP PageWide Pro 477dw.

  1. Open the ink cartridge access door.
  2. Push inward on the empty ink cartridge to unlock and release it.
  3. Pull the old ink cartridge of its designated color slot.
  4. Open the new ink cartridge and remove it from its packaging. Make sure to remove any security tape, plastic, or safety clips that may obstruct the installation process.
  5. Insert the new cartridge into the corresponding color slot on the printer.
  6. Close the ink cartridge access door.

Where to Buy Cheap HP PageWide Ink Cartridges?

The HP PageWide series is chucked to the brim with reliable printers that can output thousands of pages per month without any significant strain on the device. However, there's always a minor catch that comes associated with buying a particular printer model. In this case, the single pivotal downfall comes at the expense of the cartridges.

Unfortunately, original HP PageWide ink cartridges are priced as if they were toner cartridges and often two to three times more expensive than ink cartridges within the same league.

The maintenance fee associated with keeping these HP PageWide printers stocked with specific ink cartridges needs to be addressed before anything. It's no fault of the printer, as certain ink cartridges like the HP 972X can print an impressive amount of pages per cartridge. Stop paying full price for your HP PageWide ink cartridges and switch over to 1ink.com to experience steep savings.