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HP PhotoSmart Printer Ink

The illustrious HP Photosmart printer series began with the HP Photosmart 100 model and continued through numerous additional series. Regardless of which model you use, you can count on your HP Photosmart printer to produce exceptional quality photo images for all your home, business, academic, or artistic projects. Early models like the 100 series could only print on 4-inch by 6-inch photo paper, whereas later models like the D7500 series could print either full-size pages or smaller photo paper. Photosmart printers typically come with a control panel and display screen, though the available functions vary considerably from one series to the next. Some models allow you to burn images and documents directly onto a CD/DVD, while others simply print photos off your camera’s memory card.

This printer uses inkjet technology to heat and deliver ink through the printer’s nozzles, creating images composed of thousands of tiny droplets that are sprayed across the page. Depending on which printer model you use, your HP Photosmart printer could take HP 02, HP 56, HP 57, HP 564XL, or another compatible ink cartridge altogether. You can find out which ink cartridge your specific printer model needs by checking our comprehensive database.

At, we carry remanufactured and compatible ink cartridges for every HP Photosmart printer series at a discount price. Many of our ink cartridges are priced at over 50 percent off the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) HP retail price, and every cartridge comes with our total satisfaction guarantee. For more information on our line of compatible and remanufactured replacement HP printer ink, or for help identifying your specific printer model’s ink needs, feel free to contact our friendly, in-house customer service team.