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HP PhotoSmart Printer Ink

The illustrious HP Photosmart printer series began with the HP Photosmart 100 model and continued through numerous additional series. Regardless of which model you use, you can count on your HP Photosmart printer to produce exceptional quality photo images for all your home, business, academic, or artistic projects. Early models like the 100 series could only print on 4-inch by 6-inch photo paper, whereas later models like the D7500 series could print either full-size pages or smaller photo paper. Photosmart printers typically come with a control panel and display screen, though the available functions vary considerably from one series to the next. Some models allow you to burn images and documents directly onto a CD/DVD, while others simply print photos off your camera’s memory card.

This printer uses inkjet technology to heat and deliver ink through the printer’s nozzles, creating images composed of thousands of tiny droplets that are sprayed across the page. Depending on which printer model you use, your HP Photosmart printer could take HP 02, HP 56, HP 57, HP 564XL, or another compatible ink cartridge altogether. You can find out which ink cartridge your specific printer model needs by checking our comprehensive database.

At, we carry remanufactured and compatible ink cartridges for every HP Photosmart printer series at a discount price. Many of our ink cartridges are priced at over 50 percent off the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) HP retail price, and every cartridge comes with our total satisfaction guarantee. For more information on our line of compatible and remanufactured replacement HP printer ink, or for help identifying your specific printer model’s ink needs, feel free to contact our friendly, in-house customer service team.

The HP Photosmart series of printers have been a popular and long-running product in Hewlett Packard's arsenal. The inception of these printers coincided with the release of the original HP Photosmart digital camera which was released around the early 2000s. The original HP Photosmart was used in tandem with the camera to print high-quality photos in the comfort of your home. Even a couple of decades later, it is still used for the same practical reasons today.

What is a PhotoSmart printer?

Simply put, these are a series of inkjet printers produced by HP that are designed with photo printing as a priority. These HP PhotoSmart printers often boast a better resolution output than normal inkjet printers and are more able to portrait life-like colors when printing a photo accurately.

PhotoSmart printers have come a long way from their initial release.

The original PhotoSmart printers were small, lightweight, and 'portable' inkjet printers were designed to solely print standard-size photographs and nothing more. Over the years, the HP Photosmart series started to branch off and create new subseries which tackled different niches within the photo printing industry.

Besides the mainline, the HP Photosmart subseries include:

HP Photosmart A Series: Small, Portable Appliance Printers that support printing for 4" x 6" photos 5" x 7" photographs only.

HP Photosmart B Series: Large Format Photo Printer, supports photo printing up to 13" x 19"

HP Photosmart C Series: All-In-One Inkjet Printer - Print/Copy/Scan

HP Photosmart D Series: Multifunctional Inkjet Printer, No Scanner

HP PhotoSmart Premium Series: Premium All-In-One Inkjet Printer (Multifunctional Printer, Memory Card Slots, Bluetooth, Color LCD Screen)

These printers do differ in functionality that ultimately reflects the overall price of the device. The HP Photosmart price tag varies drastically between series and models. Some higher-end Photosmart printers like the Premium Pro can cost you a pretty penny. In contrast, others like the mainline HP Photosmart 5520 remain ultimately more affordable due to stripped-down features.

What Ink Cartridges Do PhotoSmart Printers Use?

The HP PhotoSmart printers use a variety of different ink cartridges depending on their series and model.

One of the most popular ink cartridges for the current line of Photosmart printers includes the HP 564XL. These ink cartridges are the high-yield version of the original 564 ink cartridges, which means they can produce more than twice the amount of pages.

HP 564 ink is produced specifically for these photo printers, which means it has a range of different color cartridges that can accurately produce life-like image results. HP 564 ink cartridges include black, yellow, magenta, cyan, and photo black.

Having a multitude of different colors also means that you're going to have to stock up on cartridges rather than getting a single tri-color cartridge.

Keep in mind that an HP 564 ink cartridge combo pack is pretty hard to find within the industry at the moment, as most major retailers have discontinued the package sale instead of selling individual HP 564 cartridges.

Arguably the second most popular ink cartridge from that series is the HP 60XL and HP 60 ink cartridges. These come in black and tri-color ink cartridges and will yield a considerable amount of pages if you're using the high-yield HP 60XL cartridges.

Other PhotoSmart printers take specific printer ink cartridges that are exclusively available online due to their lesser popularity. Printers like the HP PhotoSmart 8200 printer series use HP 02 ink instead. These peculiarly shaped ink cartridges come in black, yellow, cyan, light cyan, magenta, and light magenta.

Some older models of PhotoSmart printers use HP 45 ink for black and HP 78 ink for color. Some of these ink cartridges are discontinued and can no longer be found online or in stores. However, has a surplus of printer ink for PhotoSmart printers old and new, even if they no longer sell them at retailers. With a Quick Ink Finder tool located right on our home page, finding the right ink for your HP printer has never been easier.

HP Ink Pricing for PhotoSmart Printers

Finding cheap printer ink cartridges for PhotoSmart printers can be utterly reliant on where you purchase them. Vendors that carry original HP 564 ink cartridges like Walmart, Target, and Amazon may be charging around $16.99 per cartridge.

It is also important to take into consideration what the page yield of the cartridge you are purchasing is. Standard-yield 564 ink cartridges will produce up to 300 pages per cartridge, while their HP 564XL high-yield counterparts will produce up to 700 pages per cartridge. Standard yield cartridges are usually cheaper than high-yield but will run out of printer ink over a quicker period of time.

We've broken down the pricing of both the standard and high-yield cartridges of HP 564 ink below.

hp 564 price

The HP 564 black ink cartridges are usually priced around a dollar or two higher than the color cartridges depending on where you buy them. Overall, the HP Photosmart price, coupled with the costly HP 564 ink price, may be a deal-breaker for those looking to print on a budget.

Keep in mind that if you're trying to replenish your HP Photosmart printer fully, you will need a full set of ink cartridges, which include one of each of the following cartridges: Black, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, and Photo Black. A full set of original HP 564XL cartridges can cost over $150 if you're buying from retail.

HP 564 Full Set Pricing

Luckily, has one of the best prices on the market. Our remanufactured HP 564XL ink cartridges cost 80% less than the original. Actually, a complete set of cartridges from costs the same price as a single original color 564 ink cartridge from retailers. That's five 564 ink cartridges for the price of one.

AS we mentioned earlier, another popular PhotoSmart ink cartridge that is often used is the HP 60 ink cartridge. While used primarily by the PhotoSmart C Series, HP 60 ink is also used with other printer series such as HP DeskJet and HP ENVY printers. 

The HP 60 ink cartridge comes in two different variations, the standard yield HP 60 and the high-yield HP 60XL

Not all of these cartridges are created equal. The HP 60 ink Walmart sells is usually sold as a combo pack and cannot be bought individually. This works if you are looking to refill your HP 60 black and color ink cartridges simultaneously, but is often wasteful if you are looking for individual cartridges. Looking for a suitable vendor for your HP 60 ink cartridges can either make or break your shopping experience. 

What is the Best HP PhotoSmart Printer?

Narrowing down the best HP PhotoSmart printer isn't an easy task; there are so many great contenders on this list. 

It seems like the internet is a pretty big fan of the HP Photosmart 7520, which is the multi-functional device that gets everything done. The HP PhotoSmart 7520 is an e-All-in-One printer with automatic duplexing capabilities and wireless connectivity, and a color touchscreen to boot. HP Photosmart 7520 ink may be the only thing holding this device back; as we mentioned earlier, the original HP 564 ink cartridges can be pretty costly.

Personally, if you're looking for a slightly cheaper printer similar to the HP 7520, then the HP PhotoSmart 6520 is your best option. The PhotoSmart 6520 boasts most of the same features, such as color inkjet printing from an e-All-in-One device. The HP PhotoSmart 6520 lacks a few bells and whistles than the HP 7520, such as an external memory slot. Both printers have exceptional print quality and scanning capabilities, so you will not need to worry about the actual output too much.

How to Install or Replace Ink Cartridges for HP PhotoSmart printer?

Replacing or installing a brand new ink cartridge on your HP PhotoSmart printer can be done relatively easily if you follow these instructions: 

  1. Make sure that your printer is turned on
  2. Lift the ink cartridge access door, this will expose the ink cartridge carriage. 
  3. Wait until the ink cartridge carriage is completely idle before you continue
  4. Press the tab on the ink cartridge to unlock it, then pull it up and remove it from its respective slot.
  5. Remove the new ink cartridge from its packaging, make sure to remove any plastic, clips, or obstructive material from the ink cartridge.
  6. With the nozzle facing downwards, slide the ink cartridge into its respective slot and press down until you hear it lock into place.
  7. Close the ink cartridge access door. 

Where to Buy Cheap HP PhotoSmart Ink Cartridges?

The HP PhotoSmart series is a powerhouse when it comes to producing vivid photos at home. Unfortunately, the downside to this series is that it is completely reliant on having an ample supply of printer ink to keep itself sustained. As we saw before, original HP 60 and HP 564 ink isn't the most cost-effective and will burn a hole in your wallet pretty fast.

Ditch the retailers and enjoy savings up to 80% on a huge range of HP PhotoSmart ink. Whether you're looking for a set of cartridges for your HP Photosmart 7520, or even just a single photo black ink cartridge for your Photosmart 6520, we have exactly what you need. has one of the most affordable prices on the internet. We've been in the business for over 20 years serving discount ink cartridges to both consumers and industry leaders alike. With a huge wealth of satisfied clientele over the past years, we know how to keep our customers happy. Save even more by using our exclusive online coupons that you can find right on our home page.