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Planning a Child’s Birthday Party on a Budget

Party planning can be a stressful activity. On top of the responsibilities of coming up with activities and gifts, there’s also the cost associated with hosting a get-together. You’ll need invitations, activities, decorations, and party favors, to say nothing of the food and beverages your guests will be expecting. While we can’t help you with [...]

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ISO Standards in the Printing Industry |

A Guide to Understanding ISO Standards in the Print IndustryISO standards are set by the International Organization for Standardization, also known as ISO. This organization has created over 17,500 ISO standards for the printing industry, with their latest development concerning print speed, or ISO PPM (pages per minute). If you’re interested in printer ISO, read [...]

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Branding Your Business

If you’re a small business owner, you have so many options when it comes to finding ways to promote your business. Whether you’ve been around for years or are just getting started, you may be looking for ways to customize your space without breaking the bank. We’ve previously written about how to print your own [...]

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Common Printer Problems & Solutions |

Common Printer Problems and Solutions: Fixing Your Printer We’ve all experienced printer problems and the frustrations that follow. Whether your feeder is jammed with paper or you’ve run out of ink, there’s always something going on with your printer. While there are a number of common printer problems, where do you find the solutions? If you’re wondering [...]

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History of Xerox | A Brief Guide from

A Brief History of XeroxXerox Corporation is a large American conglomerate with services that include consulting, content management, imaging, and document outsourcing services, though it is best known for it photocopying department. In addition to its flagship black-and-white copiers, there were several other noteworthy products offered throughout Xerox's history. The company is also famous for [...]

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History Of Kodak | A Brief Look with

A Brief History of KodakThe Eastman Kodak Company, known around the world as Kodak, is an American imaging company that began in the 19th century as an innovator of photography. Incorporated in New Jersey, the corporation was founded in 1888 by George Eastman in Rochester, New York, where its headquarters are located today.The company is [...]

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​Printer Ink and Toner Buyer's Guide

Whether you’re buying ink or toner for your first printer or you’ve been doing your own print work for years, you may have lingering questions about what’s best for your device. Individuals printing at home may have different priorities – and therefore different needs – than someone buying toner for a large office printer. There [...]

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How To Save Money On Printer Ink | Shop with

Tips For Saving Your Money At HomeMany people feel that there really aren't many great methods for saving money around the house. However, there is actually a never ending list of creative ways that you can put extra cash back into your wallet. Whether you want to learn how to save money on printer ink [...]

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How to Print Artwork at Home

Whether you’re a professional looking to print your own artwork or you’re an art enthusiast wanting to decorate your home with a print of a famous artist’s work, you need to follow a few basic steps to ensure the quality of your print work. Using ordinary printer paper, the wrong ink, the wrong printer settings, [...]

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Making a Family Scrapbook

Whether you’re feeling nostalgic or simply want a fun, creative project to help pass down memories to future generations, assembling a family scrapbook is an excellent task to undertake. A family scrapbook tends to include a lot of photographs, but it’s so much more than a photo album. You can include annotations in the margins [...]

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