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A Guide to Printing Your Own Marketing Materials

Whether you’re just starting up a small business or you’re looking to rebrand your company and refine your image, a new marketing campaign may be just what you’re looking for. Many larger businesses have internal marketing departments that are responsible for doing much of the writing and design work that goes into producing marketing materials, [...]

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Best Office Printer | Find the Best Printer for You

A Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Printer Whether you need an upgrade or are starting up a new business, walking into your nearest office supply store to find the best office printer can be as confusing as it is expensive. While big box retailers may carry the best printer for college students, how will it [...]

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DPI and PPI | How to Get High Resolution Printing

Everything to Know About DPI and PPI Printing and digital image editing are almost inexorably linked together in our modern age. In fact, much of the print work completed by professional organizations today starts on paper and is scanned into the computer. As more and more projects are created and edited on a computer, understanding the [...]

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Troubleshooting Ink and Toner Problems

Even if you’re happy with your printer, you have probably had (or will someday have) moments that frustrate or perplex you. Sometimes the warnings and notifications your printer gives you seem unwarranted or even downright incorrect. Whatever problems you’re having, is here to help. We’ve broken down some of the most common printer problems [...]

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How Does a Scanner Work on a Printer? | Learn More Here

How Does a Scanner Work on a Printer? In 1957, Russell A. Kirsch and his team of developers built the first functioning digital scanner and used it to scan a photo of Kirsch’s baby son, Walden. Since then, scanners encompassing every imaginable utility have been put into the hands of the average consumer or business owner, [...]

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Four Color Process Printing | Explaining Its Function

How Does Four Color Process Printing Work? Efficient, cheap, and versatile printing methods have been pursued since printing technology was first established. Along the way, many improvements have been made, and dozens of printing methods have been established. Whether they’re used for art, science, or business, the wheel of progress moves on in the field of [...]

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Fun Holiday Crafts!

Getting Crafty for the Holidays The holiday season is upon us once again. Whether you celebrate a religious holiday or you simply want to get caught up in the secular holiday spirit, it’s a common tradition to send greeting cards through the mail to let friends and loved ones know that you’re thinking of them and [...]

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How Do Wireless Printers Work? | History & Function

A Guide to Understanding How Wireless Printers Work The faster technology progresses, the easier it is to forget the inconveniences of the past. Those who buy the newest smartphones may be frustrated that their old cord headphones no longer work with the new model without bulky adapters, but soon there will be a day when few [...]

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How Does 3D Printing Work? | History & Function

A Guide to Understanding How 3D Printers Work Of all the amazing technology on sci-fi television shows, the Replicator from Star Trek: The Next Generation, captures our imagination. It was a device that could create almost any object out of thin air, whether it was a hamburger, a spare mechanical part, or even life-saving medicine. While [...]

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How Does a Laserjet Printer Work? | History & Function

A Guide to Understanding How Laserjet Printers Work Printers have come a long way from the days when the perforated sides of each sheet printed had to be ripped off to ensure a clean document. However, with the great advancements in printing technology have come a diversity in the technology and selection of the printer products [...]

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