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How to Build a Greener Office in Six Easy Steps!
Sep 01, 2017

How to Build a Greener Office in Six Easy Steps!

Creating a greener workspace is not a new concept. However, in recent years this trend has seen an explosion in offices of all sizes, all across the country. Many businesses have caught onto the trend out of concern for the environment, while others have started to work towards greener offices in order to save money. No matter what motivates your business, you can take stock in the fact that switc … read more
Jul 11, 2017

Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Ink/Toner Purchase

If you’re like most Americans, you value a good deal and you look for ways to cut costs. We all do this to some degree, whether it’s for big-purchase items like a new car or everyday items like groceries and printing supplies. If you’re trying to cut costs, can help. We keep our prices low to help you save big on the printer ink or toner you need, and we’ve put together some ways to he … read more
Jun 15, 2017

Four Signs That It's Time to Buy a New Printer

If you’ve had your printer for a considerable span of time, you may have grown attached to it the way people often become sentimental over familiar objects. However, at a certain point you’ll need to ask yourself whether it’s worth keeping your old workhorse inkjet or laser printer. Printers are typically sold at a low price because manufacturers make their money by selling expensive ink car … read more
Jun 07, 2017

7 Biggest Toner Fails – And How to Fix Them!

Many offices favor laser printers for their ability to produce a high volume of print work quickly and for a low cost. Some consumers also choose laser printers for use at home for the same reasons. Whether you use a laser printer at home to print party invitations and school reports or you’re cranking out hundreds or even thousands of pages at a time in the office, it helps to know a bit mo … read more
May 31, 2017

Biggest Inkjet Fails – And How to Fix Them!

When it comes to your printer, you probably have a love/hate relationship. Like many consumers, you rely on your inkjet printer for your most important documents and images. Whether you’re working on something creative at home or you’re putting the finishing touches on a professional document at the office, you depend on your printer - and yet you’ve inevitably had an encounter that made … read more
May 18, 2017

Celebrate Memorial Day

You may not know it, but Memorial Day traces its origins back to the years immediately after the Civil War! Originally called “Decoration Day,” the holiday was started in 1868 when a veteran of the Civil War proposed a day in May to be set aside each year to honor the soldiers who died in that war by decorating their graves with flowers and other remembrances. What started with 20,000 graves be … read more
May 12, 2017

Last Minute Mother's Day Ideas!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you may be scrambling to put something together for your mom. Sure, she would probably understand that things just got a little too busy. But if you want to show your mom that you really appreciate her and you don’t have a lot of time to plan it out, can help you put together a nice, thoughtful day that your mother will love. Make a Car … read more
May 10, 2017

Special Printing Effects | Cool Techniques |

How to Print Special Effects There is a wide range of fresh and exciting special printing effects to experiment with that can really enable your advertising and marketing materials to appear unique and attract attention. Your ads can use cool printing techniques to display various shapes, textures, and visual stylings—from foil stamping and die cutting to embossing and debossing. … read more
May 02, 2017

How to Store Ink Cartridges When Not in Use |

At, we understand that it can be frustrating to print a crucial item only to find that the ink cartridges that you bought a while back no longer work. Not only is this inconvenient when you have something important to accomplish in a limited amount of time, but with the high cost of ink and toner, it’s also a serious waste of your hard-earned money. Read on to learn how to store ink … read more
Apr 28, 2017

Six Easy Ways to Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year

Everybody loves saving money, and this is particularly true when it comes to buying print supplies. Ink and toner cartridges are notoriously expensive due to the nature of the print market (selling printers for a low cost, then recouping those losses with expensive disposable cartridges). On top of that, you’ve got to buy paper and pay additional fees for supplies to be delivered. That may n … read more
Top Tips for Extending Ink Cartridge Life |
Apr 21, 2017

Top Tips for Extending Ink Cartridge Life |

Top Tips for Extending the Life of Your Ink CartridgesIf you need to use your inkjet or laser printer often, then you know how expensive it can get to constantly replace its ink cartridges or toner. Since printing is a necessity for pretty much everyone these days, it is a good idea to focus on ways to extend the life of each cartridge. Here are helpful tips that will teach you how to make ink … read more
What Standard Printer Ink Is Made Of? |
Apr 19, 2017

What Standard Printer Ink Is Made Of? |

What Is Printer Ink Made Of?Ink is one of those things that most people don't really think too much about—until they run out of it and can't get their work done. When you think about it, ink has been crucial to our civilization for centuries, and we really couldn't survive today without it. Let's take a look at this fascinating compound, its history, how printer ink is made, and its components.Wha … read more